Co-founder of Populace, faculty member and director of the Laboratory for the Science of Individuality at the Harvard Graduate School of education, author of Dark Horse with Ogi Ogas, The End of Average, and Square Peg, Todd Rose is one of a kind.

As part of the research and discovery phase for our forthcoming documentary ‘What is the Future of Work’, we spent some time talking with Todd to understand the potential impacts of the coming technological revolution on society, the workplace and on the individual – from Todd’s unique perspectives around learning and the education system.

The footage is raw, unedited, and based on a video conference interview. It reflects our commitment to transparency and the crowdsourcing of ideas and questions for the final documentary, which will be produced in 2020.

Watch the film, register with the Dead Rabbit Society and your comments will serve as part of our ongoing work preparing for the documentary.

Are the days of physical labour over? What will you do instead?

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