Dead Rabbit Society Productions execute live events aimed at bringing a vision of the future to organisations, corporations, cities and governments. We work closely with Black Swan Theatre to deliver engaging speaker events and partner with other production companies to provide ‘plug-and-play’ content covering topics such as policymaking, societal challenges and disruptive technologies.

Upcoming event – Monterrey, Mexico Feb 20, 2020 – What is the Future Of Work? Invite only.

The Dead Rabbit Society, an apolitical, impact-driven, movement for change, cordially invites you to attend our conference on the Future of Work at Casa Nomo in Monterrey, Mexico on February 20, 2020.

The keynote speakers and panel members at the conference will include people from various backgrounds and disciplines that have been selected because they have opinions on how the future of work will look, once automation and Artificial Intelligence begin to impact the workplace and, as a result, our economic structures. The intention of the conference is to listen, debate and explore potential narratives that will help us to better navigate the coming changes to our society and economic system, which is to a very large extent based on the construct of labor and reward.

C-Suite leaders from the Monterrey area and beyond, Social Media influencers, Traditional Media and V.I.P. guests will make up the audience for this exciting conference.

Our world is changing rapidly. In the next 20 to 30 years the rate of technological advancement will outstrip anything in the history of mankind. As a result, our society will undergo seismic changes, crossing the boundaries of science, technology, business, equality, education, sociology, philosophy and our everyday life experiences.

We are often told that history is written by the victors. The Dead Rabbit Society was formed because we, together with you, want to shape our future and seek answers to the questions of our time; questions that are, by their very nature, uncomfortable, divisive and ultimately polarizing. Our Desire is to raise awareness of the coming challenges. We are the canary in the coal mine, stress-testing the future. Our conference will open the doors to further discussions, innovations and potential projects aimed at meeting these challenges head-on in a proactive manner.

How can we turn what some commentators describe as an inevitably dystopian future into something which will improve prosperity, redefine the very nature of work and impact the future development of mankind and our societal structures? How will these changes affect our education systems? Will it impact men more than women? Which nations are best placed to capitalize on the coming changes and what is required to manage this transition?

Join us on this journey and help us to define the potential futures we want.

If you are interested in hosting an event in your city, or you would like to find out more about how our experts can bring the future to your organisation or region, please contact us.