Dead Rabbit Society Productions produce high-quality documentaries designed to present the questions that matter to the people with clear ideas about the future and the past. Our role is not to answer these questions or to provide a specific direction or conclusion, it is to bring the topic to the forefront of public discourse to enable a wider dialogue among political leaders and policymakers.

The series of documentaries will cover a broad range of important and timely topics and be created with high production values for VOD and terrestrial TV distribution channels.

The first topics we will approach include:

  • The Future of Work – In Production
  • The Future of Education – Coming Soon
  • The Future of Travel & Transportation – Planning phase
  • The Future of Energy – Planning phase
  • The Future of Health & Wellbeing – Planning phase
  • And more…

What is the Future Of Work?

Find out more about “What is the Future of Work?” documentary here


We are looking for individuals and entities that would like to be agents of change. 

If you are interested in either investing in, or being a featured interviewee in, our documentary work please do not hesitate to get in touch.