We are the Dead Rabbit Society 

Our world is changing rapidly. In the next 20 to 30 years the rate of technological advancement will outstrip anything in the history of mankind.

As a result, our society will undergo seismic changes, crossing the boundaries of science, technology, business, equality, education, sociology, philosophy and our everyday life experiences.

We are often told that history is written by the victors. The Dead Rabbit Society was formed because we, together with you, want to shape our future and seek answers to the questions of our time; questions that are, by their very nature, uncomfortable, divisive and ultimately polarizing. 

Our Desire is to raise awareness of the coming challenges. We are the canary in the coal mine, stress-testing the future.

The Dead Rabbit Society is a school for the future, offering insightful articles, workshops, conferences, panel debates and documentary films as a way to rebuild a culture of high thinking.

We are the compass to our potential futures. Indifference is not an option.

Learn more about our vision, mission and the people behind this initiative.

Photographers: Mikkel Rise and Jan Herkert Pedersen Interview by: Lone Hejlskov